Over the years, Mr. Tumpek has won numerous awards, including:

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First I'd like to thank you for stopping by to see my custom folding knives, hunting knives and my Colt 1911 sambar stag grips.
My name is Ferenc Tumpek, custom knife maker and folk artist.

I've been making handmade knives since 1975 and became a full-time custom knife maker in 1990.
I am producing custom knives for collectors as well as one of kind hunter and folding knives.
All my knives are handmade and designed for best function and performance on the field.
All come with a red or black spacer and all have nicely tapered full tang for best balance of the knife - features found on the best custom hunting knives.
Over the years, my work has been featured in many magazines in Europe and the Unites States, like Knife Mania magazine and Cutting Edge (3/00).

I won numerous awards including:
Best Custom Hunting Knife Maker, Jager hunting magazine (11/97)
Deutsche Jagd-Zeitung (8/96) named Me Top Quality Custom Knife Maker.
Folder pictured on the Knife Mania magazine front page on 2001 June issue
1999 Los Angeles - Best technical innovation
2001 Los Angeles Best engraved knife award
2004 Munich - Best engraved knife award
2005 Prague - Best art knife
2006 Nuremburg, IWA - The knife of the year award

After I won most awards in the fixed blade category I decided to focus my talent on making exclusive and affordable custom folding knives,
picking the most exclusive handle materials, like mammoth ivory, elephant ivory, warthog tusk, sambar stag and many more.
The blades are made with 440C ATS34 and beautiful Damascus steels with combination titanium or stainless liners with full file work.
Please see my gallery of custom folding knives, hunting knives and tactical knives to find the piece to fit you best.
Several friends asked me to use my talent to make sambar stag grips for the Colt 1911, so I came up with special grip with spacer on the back side of the grips!
So far, I haven't seen anyone make it like that.

I only make grips for the Colt 1911 and for the real clones. (Kimber, STI, Les Bear, Wilson, Defender Ultra Cary, Springfields, Dan Wesson etc.
I hope you will find the right knife or grips for you in my web shop!

If you'd like to get special knife for yourself or as a gift, please contact me and I will help you out with your custom knife!



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